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Ceremony of presenting gratitude to the volunteers involved in the work of the 17th summit of the International Organization of the Francophony. 7 November, 2018

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today attended the ceremony of presenting gratitude to volunteers involved in the 17th summit of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF), which was held in Yerevan in October 2018. For the proper conduct of work in the process of organizing and holding the 17th OIF summit, their dedication and high responsibility, over 800 volunteers were awarded certificates.

Thanking the volunteers for the work done within the framework of the Francophonie summit, Nikol Pashinyan noted: “What is the most important result of the work you have done? When we still share our impressions with the heads of countries participating in the OIF summit, they say that, of course, they highly appreciate the level of organization of the summit, for which I want to thank government representatives and members of the organizing committee. But they emphasized most of all that they received the greatest impression and energy from people. It was you who made the greatest contribution to this assessment, because you are the people who primarily communicated, received, accompanied, conducted, explained to the summit participants, and helped navigate the area. They, in your face, saw bright, clear, strong, positive people and saw in your eyes a country that has a strong, clear, positive and great future. This is the most important result of the OIF summit and the work you have done.

Thus, we can say that also as a result of the work you have done, the Republic of Armenia, ultimately, began to be perceived as a country of people. Our country has many riches, which many people know about – our history, cultural values, historical monuments, literature, music. But it is very important that we have now stated that the Republic of Armenia is a country of people, a country of free, creative, fighting, winning and hospitable people who can host, implement and successfully complete an international event of such a high level, which was the largest international event in history of our country’s independence.

I would like to thank you all for the volunteer work you have done. This is an invaluable service that you have provided to our homeland, the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people. I love you all, I’m proud of you all and I’m glad you’re in a good mood today. I bow to the work you have done.

Thank you, keep up the spirit!”